You can keep your vehicle performing at its best when driving the streets of Tarpon Springs with some simple and routine maintenance that targets important areas like your engine, brakes, and tires. Regular care for your engine, which includes oil changes and inspections, can stop issues before they develop into full-blown problems and help you avoid higher expenses or even breaking down later.

What’s the best thing I can do for my engine?

If you’re looking for an easy, relatively inexpensive and effective way to keep your engine performing well for years to come, regular oil changes are the answer. Clean oil provides a way for your engine to perform functions efficiently by lubricating its precision parts so they can move freely. Clean oil also whisks away any metal dust or environmental grime, so it doesn’t linger in areas and create a clog.

Over time, those same contaminants cause the oil to become dirtier until it acts as an abrasive on the very parts it’s meant to protect. Regular oil changes avoid this fate while also lowering your fuel costs and engine temperature by creating more efficient engine performance. If you’re driving in Clearwater and your oil light comes on, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in immediately so a technician can ascertain the cause. Never drive your vehicle when the oil light is on, as you could cause catastrophic and expensive damage to your engine.

When should I get my oil changed?

How often you should have your oil changed really comes down to the type of oil your vehicle requires, the recommendation in your owner’s manual, and how you use your vehicle. If you’re towing heavy loads or demanding high performance by driving at top speeds, you’ll need an oil change sooner than what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for average usage. Your technician can work with you to come up with a schedule that makes sense for your unique circumstances.

What else can I do for my engine?

Inspections of your engine at regular intervals can help to catch little things that may not be malfunctioning enough for you to notice yet, like a fraying belt that’s still barely hanging on or a gasket that’s ready to fail. If you’re planning a road trip soon or heading into a seasonal change, inspections are a great idea so you don’t find yourself unexpectedly stranded.

Is tire care that important?

Tires form the foundation that your vehicle relies on, and you can’t get around Dunedin without them, but it’s easy to forget they’re there when things are going well. You can easily stay on top of tire care with occasional pressure and tread checks along with regular rotations and the occasional alignment if you need one.

How will I know if my brakes need service?

There are some very definite signs of brake trouble, like the unmistakable squealing you’ll hear when your brake pads wear down. This is the signal it’s time for a new set. If your brakes start feeling spongy or it’s difficult to get them to respond, waste no time bringing your vehicle in for brake service.

Ready To Learn More?

At Hometown Ford, we want to save you the aggravation and expense that come from breaking down. Our technicians can work with you to devise the right oil change schedule for your vehicle, along with advice on seasonal preparations you can make, warning signs to look out for, and the best time for engine inspections and tire maintenance. We’ll source replacement parts directly from the manufacturer when we can so you know that every time you visit you’re receiving the highest quality service around Palm Harbor.

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